by American WiFi

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All music & lyrics written by American WiFi


released May 3, 2014

Greyson Bos- Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer
Cohen Parker- Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano
Sam Starkie- Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Levi Lilly- Drums, Percussion

Produced & Recorded by American WiFi
Mixed by Alex Hamel
Mastered by Richard Dodd



all rights reserved


American WiFi Grand Rapids, Michigan

American WiFi explodes onto the scene with a stadium size sound
and a well crafted blend of pop hooks and rock grit. The music is transcendent: rich with hope and independence; infused with soul and emotion. The foursome radiates raw energy – unabashedly expressing the lust and longings of youth. ... more

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Track Name: Little Games
She took my heart and she tore off a piece,
she took my pride and she left none for me,
she took advantage of my sympathy,
oh lord

And when she told me that she loved me,
well I should have read between the lines,
that she was bored and lonely,
getting tired of playing other guys,
I don't know why I stay,
I guess it's just to see if she has a heart

And I know, I know,
that I should let her go,
but she's got this way,
of making me stay,
and I've tried, I've tried,
to say goodbye,
but she's got this way,
of playing her little games

She's got an appetite for tasty licks,
a siren smile and a tight grip,
and once you're in you can't get out of it,
oh lord
Track Name: Spin My Record
Give me a second,
let me catch my breath,
so I can let you know how I feel,
how you make me believe in love again,
like I never ever knew it was real,
it's how you spin my record when you miss my voice,
and smile cus' I'm thinking of you,
it's how you know that what you're feeling inside,
is what I'm feeling too,
when I'm feeling you

And maybe it's everything you do,
but it just don't get no better love,
it just don't get no better than you

Give me a reason not to leave tonight,
because I'm so tired of sleeping alone,
and I wanna stay and make you realize,
that wherever you are is home,
it's how you look at me and everything's alright,
man, how I get lost in those baby-blue's,
it's how you know that what you're feeling inside,
is what I'm feeling too,
when I'm feeling you

So don't you stop spinning my record baby,
don't you stop spinning me round and round,
no don't you stop spinning my record baby,
if you miss me when I'm not around
Track Name: All Night Long
Well I can still hear your voice,
underneath the noise that echoes round my head,
and I can still miss you if I try,
I'd like to see you,
I'd like to be with you again,
it's not too late to see what could've been

Please forgive me, I'm trying to stay awake

Because I've been up all night long,
thinking about you,
I've been up all night long,
cus' I can't live without you,
I've been up all night long,
thinking about you,
I've been up all night long,
all night long

I'd like to tell you about the things,
that keep me up all night,
so you could lay them all to rest,
and you could fix me,
you could spin me around,
and pick me up,
because I get so down

I'm so tired but,
no sleep for me tonight

Because I'll be up all night long
Track Name: Midnight Air
It's getting late,
but by the look on your face,
I think it's safe to say,
that you're mine for the night, my dear,
so let's get to it,
let's make beautiful music,
and we won't, won't think through it,
we'll just lie down and do it

Right here, right now,
cus' baby, we were made to,
so baby let me lay you down,
right now, cus' I'm ready for action,
and you're dying to let your passion out

I can feel it in the midnight air,
I can see it in the way you stare,
I can hear a whisper in my ear,
and it's too much, but I can't get enough,
so I just keep on coming,
by for midnight loving,
my senses are running wild, I swear,
cus' when you start to touch me,
I start to feel something,
something in the midnight air

Turn out the light,
let something wrong feel right,
just let me come inside,
every time that you find I'm near,
and once I'm in,
all of the fun will begin,
and if they call it sin,
well then why does it feel right here?
Track Name: Away
It's been way too long,
and I'm losing my place,
while I'm somewhere in the middle,
of this empty space,
that just loves,
to keep us,

It's been way too long,
I'm losing track of the days,
and I spend every single one of them,
thinking of ways,
that I can end up,
where you are

So you can run away with me,
just run away with me,
cus' it's so hard to be,
close to you

When you're so far away
you're so far away

It's been way too long,
and I'm losing my mind,
and I can't help myself from feeling,
that I'm losing time,
to make it back,
to you

You're so far away from me tonight